6th and 7th March 2024 in Hamburg
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Speaker: Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna

Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna

Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna


Kasia started her journey at IKEA Retail in Poland as country sustainability manager in 2011, from 2020 moved to Germany to take the leadership on sustainability transformation for IKEA in Germany. She has educational background in international politics as well as environmental management (including international studies in Germany, and management programs in Sweden), and over 15 years professional experience in sustainability management on corporate level (before IKEA at the publishing industry). Her focus competences are built around strategic transformation of multinational companies towards sustainable development goals and integration of environmental and social aspects into the business. At IKEA she leads on implementation of circular business models including zero waste management, ecological and collaborative consumption, community engagement as well as renewable energy and climate roadmaps. Born in Poland in 1982 in Oswiecim and mother of two, she loves gardening and travels.

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